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Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is a game in the Ivalice Alliance subseries, and an adventure based on Final Fantasy XII for the Nintendo DS. It chronicles a period of time in which Vaan and Penelo, two of the main characters from Final Fantasy XII, are sky pirates.

As stated in the Ultimania guide, the game was originally planned as a title unrelated to Final Fantasy XII, but Square Enix executives decided to make it a Final Fantasy XII sequel during development.[1] Although inheriting the Final Fantasy XII title, Yokoyama downplayed its link to its PlayStation 2 predecessor, saying—”It is not accurate to call this a sequel. We want people to view it as the latest FF game. This is not FFXII-2“.

Revenant Wings features gameplay similar to its predecessor. It has a simpler gambit system, with only one gambit per character, possibly to accommodate the Nintendo DS, but also to make it easier to play. Each playable character excels in an area: Vaan can steal stats from enemies, Penelo can heal and buff the party, Filo can set traps for opponents, Kytes casts black magick, Llyud uses Dragoon skills, Fran inflicts status ailments, Balthier can disable enemies from afar and boost his own ranged attack power, Ashe knows time magick, and Basch protects the party. Each player character forms a party with of Espers.

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