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Colin McRae: Dirt 2 features five racing disciplines, all of which are playable offline (against AI bots when applicable) and online. In addition, three “special modes” are included. Colin McRae: Dirt 2 runs on an updated version of the EGO engine, which powered CodemastersRace Driver: Grid as well. The engine features, most notably, an updated physics engine, which models realistic weight transfer during turning maneuvers, allowing the player to incorporate advanced driving techniques, such as the Scandinavian flick.

This game makes a good first impression with a nice clean graphic style and solid framerate. Car handling is also very good indeed. I don’t like simulator physics like grid where you have to break every corner and all that. This game has more arcade handling which is a relief and i appreciate the ease of control. In fact i just let go of acceleration before a steep turn. New cars can be bought and upgraded by using money earned as you go along. First few tracks are very simple but variety comes soon enough as you progress.

Bad points are the emo rock soundtrack which tends to repeat the same song often and you can’t tinker with the playlist at all.. Trackside scenery can be a little bland with iceland being the least interesting place to go to. The stunt levels are a pain especially since current new challenges have to be completed to progress so you often have to repeatedly do these fiddly stunt tracks to pass with a minimum score but their hard and really no fun at all. Thankfully there arn’t so many of them so at least theres that.

The DS does’nt have too many stand out racing games and we’ve all had Mariokart a long time now so this makes a nice change to play.

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