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Pokemon Black Version 2 Unblocked NDS Online Emulator
Now coming off of Heart Gold/Soul Silver I was somewhat burned out by the franchise (started with Gold/Silver moved back to Red/Blue then went to Fire Red/ Leaf Green then to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum skipped Black/White 1). However, decided to give this game a shot and did not regret it.

It’s a refreshing change to the other games, but unfortunately, the story in black/white 2 is lacking. The way it’s lacking is that I feel it was rushed. Other than that, that’s about the only gripe I can name at this point.

It’s about what you would expect from the series at this point. Resembles Generation IV but adds new items that changes mechanics a bit so adds more strategy (I assume these changes were implemented in Black/White 1 I can’t say at the moment). The AI has been tweaked in this game so it’s smarter. Unfortunately, the main story battles are still about brute force with weaknesses. Now, if you want to fight the proper AI, you want to try the features such as the Battle Subway and the World Tournament (new to the series). Unfortunately, you can’t access the bulk of the World Tournament until you’ve cleared the game. I won’t spoil what extras become unlocked at that point. If you enjoyed the series in general, you will like the bonus. There are also extra events such as doing a movie shoot and the use of props. They’re much like contests in the previous games and are optional (for the most part).

Further, you can register your game card to take part on a website that shows you real-time statistics of all the other trainers in the world who are battling trading and etc. You can also get access to “Dream World” that allows you to have more playability. It allows you to also obtain pokemon with special abilities that you would not find in-game. It also will make it easier to find pokemon that are not specific to the Unova region (such as some from Honen, Kanto, Johto and etc).

A side note, it seems to have changed some of the features of the C-Gear you get in game as well as customizable skins if you register your cart and take advantage of Dream World.

Like I said before, it’s a bit rushed. It feels very forgettable. It does make mention of plot of Black and White 1. If you haven’t played those games, I suggest you play them first to get a feel as to what is going on. Otherwise, you might be a bit clueless (not enough to ruin the overall story). Again, I don’t have much to say about it because it’s forgettable. Though not the worst story in the series I’ve seen thus far.

Fairly high with the World Tournament and Battle Subway as you can test your skill against smarter AI with pokemon with smarter move-sets. Dream world is a nice addition. There’s also a plethora of things you can do once you’ve cleared the game which you can discover on your own.

I just got this game to see what the hoopla for Generation V was all about. Overall, very satisfied. Though play Black and White 1 before you get this game as it will shed a bit more light on the backstory of some of the characters. You, apparently, get a bit of a bonus for playing that then playing B/W2.

You won’t be disappointed with this entry in the series even if you’re fan (even a casual one like me).

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