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Play New Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS NDS with Online Emulator

New Super Mario Bros. is a great 2D side scrolling adventure. It all just kind of feels right. There are 8 worlds standard stuff your ice world, desert world, the usual, but they have added some new stuff like these coins that are hidden throughout ever level, there are three in each level. There are two new kinds of mushrooms that you can get one makes you giant and destroy everything in your path which is really very satisfying, and the other turns you into a tiny Mario and lets you get to places that you wouldn’t be able to if you were big. The game might seem a little on the short side if you just run through it without getting some of the harder coins or unlocking 2 of the worlds that you can just skip if you really wanted to, but you probably won’t. the games about 4 hours long just going through then going back and starting to get all the coins you realize how much stuff there is to get everything it can take in upwards of 20 hours, but you don’t have to do that to make the game feel complete you just really need to unlock all most of the levels and beat Bowser. All in all it feels like a really good experience.

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