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Rayman DS is a direct port of the Nintendo 64 version of Rayman 2, including graphics and the MIDI soundtrack, but with a few minor changes.

  • The Touch Screen can be used to navigate if needed, as the D-Pad cannot control Rayman’s speed or make him move in more than 8 directions.
  • The camera was slightly harder to operate, causing many negative reviews. The D-Pad and badly executed Touch Screen controls also contributed to the criticism.


  • Despite the cover art showing Rayman with his Rayman 3 look, he looks the same as he did in Rayman 2.
  • This is the very first Rayman game for the Nintendo DS. The next one was Rayman Raving Rabbids.


The Heart of the World was broken up into pieces. The Robot-Pirates have captured all the inhabitants. Rayman was captured. Ly the Fairy gives a Silver Lum to Globox for him to pass to Rayman, enabling Rayman to shoot with his fist. They escaped through a vent and fell out of The Prison Ship. They were both separated and Admiral Razorbeard wants Rayman dead before he can find the 4 Masks. Rayman must free Ly from the pirates and bring the 4 Masks to Polokus before he can destroy the pirates.


The levels in this game are exactly the same as the N64 version of Rayman 2.

The Woods of Light – The first level in the game.

The Fairy Glade – where Ly the Fairy is freed.

The Marshes of Awakening The Walk of Life – Optional unless going for a 100% run.

The Cave of Bad Dreams – Cannot be accessed until a certain point in the Menhir Hills is reached.

The Bayou

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice

The Menhir Hills

Whale Bay

The Sanctuary of Rock and Fire

The Canopy

The Echoing Caves

The Precipice

The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

Beneath the Sanctuary Of Rock And lava

Tomb Of The Ancients

The Iron Mountains

The Prison Ship

The Crow’s Nest – Final level.

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