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Players must master each animal’s natural skills while adventuring through the exciting city of New York and the dangerous island of Madagascar, interacting with other animals and tackling obstacles and enemies in scenarios from the movie and beyond. KEY FEATURES:


  • The Only Game that Lets Players Relive the Film and Beyond — Fighting for survival has never been this much fun. Players control one of four main characters from the movie – Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe as they overcome obstacles, interact with film and game-exclusive characters, and face off against enemies.
  • Get Your Groove on as You Go — Players develop new skills as they take the role of each zoo animal, helping Alex maximize the power of his claws, roar and double-jump; pumping up Marty’s jump, back kick and stealth crawl; learning Gloria’s butt smash and swimming move; and perfecting Melman’s double-sneeze jump and hilarious head-in-the-sand hiding maneuver.
  • Rock the city and rule the jungle — Players test their animal abilities as they explore a variety of diverse environments in mini-games and 14 action-packed chapters, including “Marty’s Escape” from the Central Park Zoo, “Operation Ship Sneak” on board a giant cargo ship, and “Lemur Rave” with the exotic animals in the jungles of Madagascar.
  • The Fun is Never Done — Players can improve their performance as they replay chapters and try to beat their best time. The Nintendo DS game also includes platform-exclusive wireless multiplayer mini-games.
  • Touch and Play – Players can use the Nintendo DS touch screen to switch characters in the middle of levels and to play wild mini-games exclusive to the DS version, including “Gloria Rolling” and “Penguin Fishing,” where players must help a penguin stay afloat on an iceberg as he catches fish.


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