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Naruto Ninja Council 2

Assume the role of teenage ninja Naruto once more as he continues the fight to protect Leaf Village from an army of invaders. The latest adventure in the Ninja Council series comes to Nintendo DS with all the action, adventure and close combat fans have come to expect from the hit anime series.

This time around, Naruto and his friends in the Leaf ninja squad must band together to tackle the ruthless Orochimaru and his accomplices before they can bring their evil plans to fruition. It’s up to you to guide ninja squads of your choosing through platform-based levels, mastering the martial arts as you go.

You’ll need to select three team members for each mission, playing to their strengths to progress. As you progress, you’ll unlock new characters to assist in the fight against Orochimaru and the huge bosses that bar your path – ultimately earning 19 playable ninjas.

While you battle you’ll fill a chakra meter. Once full, your leading team member will be able to use special abilities that let them walk on walls or perform extra-high jumps. You’ll also be able to pull off powerful moves by using the Touch Screen to spin five chakra flames as fast as you can. When you throw in the powers of your two chosen sidekicks, which can also be activated via the Touch Screen, your three-person ninja team becomes a force to be reckoned with!

To help you along, each mission features a Touch Screen mini-game that gives you a chance to deplete a boss’s energy level before you even meet him. Fail to beat the games, however, and you’ll face the full wrath of the game’s most powerful enemies!

  • Choose from 19 playable characters as you form three-man ninja squads to battle Orochimaru and his sidekicks.
  • Trigger special moves on the Touch Screen and play mini-games on each level to deplete the final bosses’ strength.
  • Enjoy the slick anime style of the original series through stylised cut-scenes.


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